High Five // Feel the Zen

For the last few days i’ve been playing around with a new ‘toy’. In case you guys missed it, see here.  Yep, it’s the Zenfone from Asus. As always, with a new product launch, a lot of people expect the opinion about it. That’s where i strike with this post. So, if this what are you waiting for, you are welcome to enjoy, my review of the Asus Zenfone 5 😀

First of all, i’m going to break this review for 3 part. I dont wanna make it too long for 1 post, so i have to do that.

As the first ‘real’ smartphone, Zenfone really made to impress everybody espescially on the design department. They made it simple but attractive. The glass, Gorilla Glass 3, cover 90% of the area on the front face of the phone with 3 touch buttons. And then there’s the highlight of Zenfone. It’s those metal designed that easily attract your attention. It has a circular textured that when light hits it, it will reflect nicely. Somewhat reminds me of the design of the Zenbook.


Below is how it reflects light (wait while it loads :D)

20140423_090059Nice reflection effect

The Zenfone i got is a white variant. There are several color to choose from as the Zenfone lines has a removable back cover. This backcover is matte or sometimes called soft touch back. It gives a good grip and the good news is, it’s fingerprint proof. 😀

On the paper, Asus stated that Zenfone only 5.5mm thick. Well, that was the thickness of the thinnest part. I said that because Zenfone has a curved back design that, again, reminds me of the other smartphone. The curve goes with the way our hand holding thing. With this kind of design, i find it comfortable when holding and using this smartphone. The buttons are positioned right, on the right which naturally most of the people will use it with the right hand :P.

See handling comparison below between the Zenfone 5 and Z1 Compact

zf5h1   xz1h

This Zenfone is very well build. Overall, the design of Zenfone is simple, classic, yet looked and feeled premium. I feel the 5 inch is the limit where you can still slip it easily on your pocket and that’s where this Zenfone 5 pretty much fit my preference.

to be continued….

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